HOW DO I PREARRANGE A FUNERAL?  Planning a funeral for yourself or for a loved one requiresorganization in the midst of grief and sadness. Prearranging provides you oryour loved one with the opportunity to become informed about the many optionsregarding the funeral or cremation service. No two services are alike, andindividuals can choose to showcase videos, photographs, music, special readingsor any other involved elements with family and friends. Prearranging makesfinancial sense. We have many choices for payment plans. Please contact us for further information or to set up an appointment.


            Pre-planning is important, but what if you or your loved onedid your research, made plans and then had to move to another city or anotherstate? Or the arrangements

 were made elsewhere and now that person has movedback to Massachusetts? What happens to those arrangements? Do they simplydisappear? The short answer is no.

You and your Family should know thattransferring arrangements is not only possible, it’s quite simple. Whether youhave moved down the block or across the country, we make transferring pre-paid arrangements easy. Just share your existing contract with us, explaining whathas been purchased and how it has been funded and we can set up the transfer from there. In most cases, we’re able to honor your existing arrangements withlittle or no adjustment to the price you paid. After all, you have taken animportant step  in your end-of-life planning process and that is not somethingthat should create unnecessary hassle. Trust us to make the transfer of arrangements quick and hassle-free.  Call us to discuss your existingarrangements and what your package looks like once it transfers to TylunasFuneral Home.

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